Text 16 Jun The Evolution of Romance Novels

The Evolution of Romance Novels

Warning: there are going to be some touchy subjects in this post. Trigger warnings: rape, kidnapping, abuse.

I love romance novels. They can be cheesy and overdone, and a lot of historical romances read like a soap opera. I’m still a sucker for them. Recently, I decided to go back and read all of the books written by one of my favorite authors in the order they were written/published.

I didn’t…

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Text 2 Jun Worst Date Contest and “Almost Royalty” Release

Worst Date Contest and “Almost Royalty” Release

A few months back, I read and reviewed Almost Royalty by Courtney Hamilton. I really enjoyed it, so I was excited when Courtney asked me to take part in her Worst Date Ever Blog Tour. The problem? I didn’t date much and so couldn’t remember a really bad date. I had a few bad nights in my wild college days, but as far as bad dates? Nothing to catalogue.

Luckily, I was able to still take part by…

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Text 30 May Road Trip To Texas

Road Trip To Texas

This blog will take a little more of a personal turn than the last one did. Since Dallas Comic Con is a huge thing, I wanted to give that recap its own space. However, there were other parts of the trip that happened, and I wanted to give them a little bit of air time too.

We left after work on Thursday with the plan to stop halfway and stay the night somewhere. The drive was nice. We listened to

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Text 28 May 2 notes Dallas Comic Con 2014

Dallas Comic Con 2014

The weekend before last, Jon and I took a mini road trip to Texas for Dallas Comic Con. My brother-in-law invited us a couple months ago and scored passes for us, so we couldn’t resist. The drive is a longish one…eight hours to Burleson, where we stayed with family, and then another hour to Dallas for the con. It was well worth it!


We made sure to get there early to try to avoid long lines. We…

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Text 27 May Quiet on the Homefront

Quiet on the Homefront

Things haven’t actually been quiet, but I’ve had a tough time getting my butt in gear to do any blog posts. I got a bit overwhelmed with projects and volunteer opportunities, so I sort of shut down while my brain incorporated all the new things and took a break from blogging and creative ventures.

However, the plan is to get back into the groove over the next few days. I’ve been asked to…

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Photo 24 May 1 note There was no zoom or crop on this picture. That goose was all up in our business. #zoo

There was no zoom or crop on this picture. That goose was all up in our business. #zoo

Photo 12 May Sometimes you just need a beer!

Sometimes you just need a beer!

Text 29 Apr CITO Geocaching Event and Walking Club

Latest blog: CITO Geocaching Event and Walking Club #CITO #walking #EarthDay #active

In honor of Earth Day, Groundspeak and the geocaching community held a CITO weekend this past weekend. CITO stands for “Cache In, Trash Out,” and it’s a movement to encourage geocachers to help clean up the environment while we’re out searching for caches. Jon and I aren’t as good about CITO as we should be, but it’s something I’m aiming to improve on this year.



Anyone who participated…

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Photo 27 Apr Getting ready for Joseph.

Getting ready for Joseph.

Text 25 Apr Rotisserie Chicken and Parmesan Bake

Rotisserie Chicken and Parmesan Bake

Rotisserie chicken is one of the tastiest things ever, and I’d heard that it’s great for recipes. I decided to see if it lived up to the hype this past week. During our regular shopping trip, we stopped at Dillon’s and picked up a chicken for about five dollars, and I was the lucky one who pulled as much as I could off the bone. I’m okay with it…it beats touching raw chicken.

The rotisserie…

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