Photo 13 Oct Today’s cuteness.

Today’s cuteness.

Photo 12 Oct Henna day 2.

Henna day 2.

Photo 11 Oct Fresh henna.

Fresh henna.

Photo 27 Sep Art! Because @kiwivalkyrie knows what I like!

Art! Because @kiwivalkyrie knows what I like!

Text 22 Aug 1 note Gen Con Wrap Up

Gen Con Wrap Up

I wasn’t as ambitious this year as I was last year and didn’t do a daily post for Gen Con. A lot of that was because things were a bit different for Jon and I this year. Not bad, but different, and we wanted to try to minimize things, which meant not taking a computer with us.

Other differences: minimal bag carrying, working part time for AEG, no digi-cam or cosplay photos, different hotel room…

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Text 3 Aug Kansas City and Tori Amos

Kansas City and Tori Amos

This weekend, my friend Janet and I went to Kansas City, MO to see Tori Amos in concert on her Unrepentant Geraldines tour. This was my fifth Tori concert and Janet’s second. We kicked our adventure off Saturday morning around noon with the drive to KC and a quick stop for lunch at the travel plaza where we saw fellow MHKers who were going to to an event in Lawrence.

The drive was quick and…

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Text 29 Jul Mobile Tech Separation Anxiety

Mobile Tech Separation Anxiety

I know we talk about how dependent we’ve become on modern technology, especially our cell phones. While some people would say it’s bad, I don’t usually have an issue with it. I like being connected and knowing that if something were to happen I have a connection to the world at my fingertips. I suppose the unhealthy part is the anxiety one gets when they decide to leave their phone at home.


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Text 28 Jul Courtney Hamilton’s Worst Break-Up Ever Contest

Courtney Hamilton’s Worst Break-Up Ever Contest

Remember the Worst Date Contest I published before my blog hiatus (which is still kind of happening since I haven’t been able to sit down and do any actual blogging with the craziness of the past week)? The contest was a success, and to follow up, Courtney is doing another one…the Worst Break-Up Ever Contest. 

Courtney Hamilton’s “Worst Breakup Ever” Contest (International)

Courtney Hamilton is…

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Text 16 Jul New Digs and New Routines

New Digs and New Routines

My blogging mojo flew the coop for awhile. In the days leading up to the move, I didn’t really have anything to write about. We were laying low and heading home after work. Even our weekends were fairly mellow. Plus, there was stress. Since I don’t like to use this space for venting, I didn’t want to come to the keyboard feeling out of sorts.

So I took a break and let things simmer. I think I’m…

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Text 21 Jun Influenster Review: #GoProFoot Products

Influenster Review: #GoProFoot Products

Between moving and binge reading, I’ve done a little procrastinating on the review and blogging front, but I finally got the chance to try out my ProFoot products, sent to me from Influenster…complimentary, of course…for testing purposes.

Let’s start with the ProFoot Orthotic Insole. I’ve had some rotten luck with insoles in the past, so I tend not to use them. I’m always up for trying something…

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